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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quality - Providing Quality


Another aspect of the industry is deceiving people about the quality of their product.

Following are the cases that we have recently heard about:

- There are many companies out there that do this kind of malpractice. They misinform the customer about their quality policies and their practices for quality control.
- There are also those who duplicate products and sell them in a similar packing as the original one to let the   customer believe that they are buying the right product.
- Some use the logos of the government approving bodies to show that they are selling authentic products.
- Certain manufacturers mimic the quality seal of the original ones to camouflage the falsity.
- There are also those who 'Re-use' the packaging material of the product to fill cheap, unhygienic, and duplicate goods and sell them as original at lower prices.

All these factors and many more largely affect the industry, and more importantly the customer. Many customers often buy the duplicate goods and judging by the poor quality, they stop using that brand. This in return leads to huge losses to the company.

Today there are many such counterfeit products being sold in the market that are similar to the original and sold at astonishingly low rates. Every now and then there are reports in the news about duplicates being caught in the market, off-location production units being surrounded, raids being conducted, and what not!

As a result of these activities, there is rapid development in the packaging industries to revolutionise the raw and packing materials. Efforts are being made to combat such crimes using state of the art technologies. It is the right of the consumer/customer to get a quality product, and he should not be deprived of this. Providing quality has to be the priority of the manufacturer, failing which there are many prevailing laws that will serve justice.

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