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Saturday, August 10, 2013

India and Politics


India has developed beautifully in it's 66 years of freedom. It is at the peak today, competing with the very few leading nations of the world.

India is a democratic country, and Political parties play a major role in the development of the country. Thre are various political parties and allies with their agendas and all that, but what matters the most is their dedication towards their country. After independence, when the Constitution of India was drafted, it was well known to be the best constitution in the world. The beginning of elections, voting, formation of parties referred to the progress of India!

Today - everything has changed! Aims and agendas have turned into consumption of national wealth. The parliament has turned into a constitution of illiterate and dishonest individuals from the well educated and thoughtful people that it once had. Politics has turned into a circus, a blame game! It no longer has the sort of aura that once attracted the people towards it, instead it has turned into deep dark murky waters that have consumed the prosperity of India.

Politics is not a curse... It has just been damaged by the known or unknown actions of few individuals, and not the entire constitution as a whole.

Today some politicians have taken taken everything for granted. Even the cops and the law cannot harm them as they work in a manner that is not justified. Every other day, we are treated to the news that make us think twice about the fate of our country. Some politician was caught in a scam, or in a sex racket, or on the count of duping, or cricket match fixing, or due to ties with the underworld and mafia, or tax evasion, or laundering large amounts money, or in possession of unaccounted wealth, etc. and what not. Some examples would be the 3G scam, the Coal-gate case, etc. and many many others.

This is also a very important catalyst for giving rise to corruption, which is a very serious matter today that has affected almost every individual. If cops act against them, they are transferred, or their careers destroyed, or they are warned to shut up, or any other scenario that is used by any average goon. The lawyers cannot hold on to the truth as they face a similar fate. If all that is not enough, gangsters and thugs
are allowed to stand in elections.

It is not that politics is dirty, it is what we are doing to keep it clean! Don't simply believe every word that is mentioned in their speeches. All politicians are not the same as many of you may agree, it is within the power of the people to search for such individuals and elect them. Identify those who would give their lives for their countries.

I hope one day the country will be restored to it's originality....

Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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